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Hannibal - Buffet Froid
This was the episode I've been waiting for. The episode where you don't really know what's real and what's a hallucination from Will. My most common reactions to the episode were 'Oh god,' 'oh shit,' and 'oh no.' The eerie factor in this episode is ramped up to 11, especially with the case that this episode features. This is the first time since the first case where the case itself is actually important and connected to the action and subtext of the show. I think that this was a brilliant way for Will's empathy to nearly get the best of him; for a while I was not sure if Will actually had killed someone. I really loved the ending, it was creepier than the normal for Hannibal, and I'm waiting to see why he killed the doctor and what the fallout is going to be with Will's condition. What exactly is Hannibal up to? I also have decided that I hate Fishbourne's characters,I love the character at the same time, the same way I hate Tywin Lannister but love him as well, he plays a great asshole in charge that you want to smack when he smiles. I look forward to seeing the developing relationship between Hannibal and Crawford in the future.
Also some more great news is the renewal of Hannibal for a second season, it will only be 13 episodes like this season is planned to be, but I think that's perfect, we can get all the tension and eerie relationship patterns without the possibility of things getting stretched too thin in a 20-24 episode season.


Rouge - Killing Grace
While the dialogue didn't improve much in the season, possibly series, finale, the story did come together much better than in the previous episode. As I stated previously with this series, I've come late to the came so I had a lot of catching up that got in the way of enjoying the episode. The dialogue is terrible still, the things some of them say makes me want to cry. They can't go one scene without screaming 'fuck' several times. It's really annoying to be honest because there are a million ways to make a scene with anger good without resorting to lots of swearing. Now, I'm not a prude when it comes to swearing, a good 'fuck' can change the dynamic of scene but when it's used just to create shock or to fill up space, it's retarded. It's because of this that I'm not sure I'll keep watching next season, if there is a next season. The story is interesting, not wild and crazy, but interesting, and some of the characters are good, at least when it comes to acting, but it's not enough so far to push me over the edge of the fence to say that this is a show I'll keep watching, not when there will be other shows that have better dialogue on Wednesday nights.


Hannibal - Trou Normand
I love Hannibal. I love the actors, the characters, the stories, everything. This is the kind of show that I can really get into and enjoy while I watch it. Mads Mikkelson is a masterful actor and his Hannibal Lector is like nothing I've ever seen, in this episode we see him do something we've never seen Hannibal do, care about people. He cares about Will Graham, as does the viewer, and he cares about Abigail. Why does Hannibal care? That is a question we have to stay around to find an answer, does he want a friend? Does he want a protege? The other burning question this episode puts forward is, when is Will going to break? His talents are getting the better of him and he's starting to really lose touch with reality. The case involved in this episode was fascinating and creepy, a totem pole of bodies is disturbing and creative.
The writing on this episode, and the other Hannibal episodes, is amazing, they really can create dialogue that is compelling and is unique to the characters, they aren't just exposition spewing. The actors, Darcy and Mikkelson in particular, are amazing in their roles. They really seem to want to get to the bottom of who and what their characters are. It's a pleasure to watch.


Rogue - Chasing the Dragon
Alright, I've jumped into this show near the end of the season it seems so I have a lot of catching up to do before I can give the show a real grade but I'll do my best to give what I can on this episode alone.
The show overall is not bad, not great but not bad. The writing seems a little inconsistent and the characters are a little flat but the only real quarrel I have with the dialog is the overuse of the word 'fuck.' It seems to me that the writers don't really know how to make 'dark' and 'edgy' dialog so they throw in a few F-bombs to create controversy. In that sense they've failed because all the fucks make the dialog clunky and uneven.
The acting isn't bad, Thandie Newton and Marton Csokas are pretty good in the leads, while the other characters seem to suffer from the uneven story telling. However, I'll let some of that slide since this is only one episode out of 9 so far. Let's hope the finale clears things up for me.


All things have a beginning, not all things have an end. Even the gods have to be born, but gods do not die. We are expected to believe that death is inevitable, that is a part of life, but I disagree. There is no reason we should be subject to death. Physically, we may succumb to such a thing but we can live on forever, in text, in memory, in infamy.
It is thusly that I begin here. Thoughts deserve a home, but where to put that home is the question I have to answer. Some thoughts belong solely in my head, while some deserve to be put into stories and poems, others deserve to be put into something like this. My thoughts on TV shows, (Hannibal, Da Vinci's Demons, Game of Thrones, and anything else I would like to review) music, (mostly black metal and the like), books, (anything and everything under the sun), and movies (these will be very select). Welcome to ThelemaVeritas.

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